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Short Story : Acclimatize

Nipun and his sister were the introverted new comers in the colony. They had come down from one of those north eastern states where even availability of new brands of ice creams ( which appeared each night as advertisements on the sole state television channel after the daily dose of abysmal news telecast ) was a luxury to say the least. Father had a transferable job, so every 3-5 years they were forced to leave their best friends back and move on to a new, strange place, with new rules, a new weather, a new school uniform and it's curriculum. Sports had always interested him as it channelized his nervous energies, all his internal conversations into some form of energy.  Sometimes spending energy on the ground helps you not have the energy to think about a haphazard life with no control over your surroundings. Sports made him switch off his social brain and just execute tasks to the best of his ability. He was not strategic about sports, it was not really the team wor

War & Peace - Choices we make ?

Around the year 1996-97, I used to live in the state of Tripura, a north-eastern province of India, still pretty remote and backward even today in times of a digital revolution breaking out everywhere. The word Revolution had very different meaning in these regions then. Economic meltdown, social divide, poverty and gross interference from our neighbors were some of the reasons for this revolution. 

If you spoke of a revolution in those times in Tripura, all you would hear about is a local uprising, an insurgency which was eating into the peaceful fabric of the simple people who lived there. The reserve police forces and the industrial security forces there were always at loggerheads with these insurgents, or self proclaimed freedom fighters as they would call themselves. Well, there are two sides always isn't it and sides create a divide, disharmony and hinder progress. 
I am sure each of you would agree to the fact that there are no sides when it comes to innocent lives and there is no freedom when you instill fear in the minds of a peaceful tribe. Economics of a revolution, deal in lives not money. They have their own stock markets where families are traded in generations of sacrifice on both sides of the conflict. 
Yet amidst all of this, it was a perfect balance of political turmoil, social instability and a breathtaking scenic charisma of that place, almost enticing you to indulge, almost like wolf's bane. Almost as if nature was smiling at you in the middle of man made chaos. 

iconic sunsets of Tripura

There is something about the most difficult, yet beautiful landscapes. They are usually pristine and pious, and yet a deafening calm of disturbing facts underline them that contradict and confuse our minds.  
Times have slowly changed in these regions, people have gone away from conflict, war and any semblance of instability is a thing of the past. It is a peaceful, progressive region where people dream and want to grow. The two sides that collided in the difficult times are now at a peaceful settlement. Was it a great strategy that ended this long standing conflict ? Was it the leaders or was it the common people, or were those in hiding too tired to fight and go on for a lost cause. Well there is no right answer when the parameters are so many, and when such a revolution ends abruptly, so does the parallel economy that runs it (the real mainstream economy in such cases). 

Lives begin to matter. Peripherals are now looked at. Dreams which were covered up in the smoke and dust come to the fore and things slowly begin to settle down. 

Peace is a mindset that defeats ego and war mongering. Peace is a rare commodity whose price is high when people are blinded by power. Redistribution of peace if what is important in times of distress. 

We as human beings are inherently peaceful, social and we dislike all forms of war and revolution that goes against the vein of existence. It is when ego & distress overpowers our basic instincts that we tend to move away from our ideas of growth, prosperity and peace. 

There is always a choice. An option to take either routes. It is always better to sit down, sip some water and let the situation sink in and then spell out or even think about the first course of action. I would say, without a doubt that in most cases, such situations would lead to a better decision, mindful of consequences and in better interest of mankind. 

If only the masterminds of gravest of terror attacks were mindful of their actions. We have gone through 2 world wars, numerous cold wars and zillions of acts of terror that have shaken the very bases of our civilization and yet it comes down to those few first seconds that decide the course. They form the foundations of our thoughts and upcoming actions. 

Do you think you have made such rash decisions in life ?  hurt your loved ones ?  fallen out of relationships or even carried the baggage of those few initial seconds that could change everything that is today.

Let us not fall prey to our reptilian brains and leverage our evolution to make better choices and take better decisions because as the world stands today; good or bad ! It is all a result of decisions we make each day.  

 All that can change is in those first few seconds ! It is all in our hands !



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