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Short Story : Acclimatize

Nipun and his sister were the introverted new comers in the colony. They had come down from one of those north eastern states where even availability of new brands of ice creams ( which appeared each night as advertisements on the sole state television channel after the daily dose of abysmal news telecast ) was a luxury to say the least. Father had a transferable job, so every 3-5 years they were forced to leave their best friends back and move on to a new, strange place, with new rules, a new weather, a new school uniform and it's curriculum. Sports had always interested him as it channelized his nervous energies, all his internal conversations into some form of energy.  Sometimes spending energy on the ground helps you not have the energy to think about a haphazard life with no control over your surroundings. Sports made him switch off his social brain and just execute tasks to the best of his ability. He was not strategic about sports, it was not really the team wor

Short Story : A Weekend !

Well, we all know the 7 day week drill. crazy Mondays, follow-up Tuesdays, Sinking Wednesdays, blood Sucking Thursdays, 'Don't care nearly enough' Fridays and then come the Friday nights where we binge on something and arrive at lazy Saturdays and Sleepy to anxious Sundays and then the cycle repeats and years go by with some exceptions here and there. 

My Mondays also start with crazy work and as the week progresses, the ebb and surge of work makes the pressure-plot look like a sinusoidal wave. weekends ended even before they started and the excitement turned into a sort of energy dip even before the week began. 

Wonder whether weekends were even energy replenishing for me or they created a void in me due to all the lazing around for those 48 odd hours. 

One fine Thursday, i thought i had had enough. I was determined to not let my precious weekend slip away this time around. I wanted to take the matter in my own hands and change for good, for once. 

The status quo was simply not acceptable to me anymore. I was alert and charting a plan to make use of the whole of 52 odd hours (if i counted the 3-4 hour window on Friday as part of the weekend) and was planning to make use of the time to both take rest, rejuvenate and also entertain myself - it was like an aggressive counterattack, a holistic plan to not let a minute of my weekend go unnoticed. 

So i planned in advance. 

I had recently bought a new guitar and was planning to take up learning it actively but unfortunately was not getting good quality time to myself to pursue lessons for the past few months, which i wanted to change. I was mindful of the fact that most of my time went into things which were not productive. 

I was lying lazy on bed at most times gazing at my phone, mindlessly reading and consuming brain numbing content for hours only to get even more tired at the end of it, not to mention the sinking feeling i got from wasting all that time at the end of it. 

I was also eating junk all the time while gazing at one of the 2-3 digital screens which diverted my attention away from the art of mindful eating. Well, to clarify, it may sound like a fault of the digital revolution, but all of this was my fault and none of it being remotely caused actively by any of the phenomenal technology streams out there. No complaints about technology - Youtube, Snapchat or Tiktok to blame. 

I planned to change all this. I allocated time for watching meaningful shows on television to relax myself, reading a good portion of a good positive book, learning guitar and also uninterrupted sleep at the end of a day. 

By the end of Saturday i realized i was feeling much more energized and the whole of Sunday was still left. A feeling that i had never encountered before this. 

That is when i realized i should write down my thoughts and feelings as well to be able to record and track my thoughts better. Be able to go back and learn what i was up to at that point in time. 

So I started writing short paragraphs in a small diary as a tracker, monitoring my wavering thoughts. Soon to realize that it was an excellent way to schedule, plan and check back for deviations and delve upon those for better adherence. 

Well my weekend had everything from cooking meals, singing with a karaoke track on my laptop, reading, watching some fun informative TED videos, writing down my thoughts, sleeping well, eating healthy and also tracking my intake of calories, playing my guitar briefly and planning ahead for the week at work in the end to make my Monday less crazy - even this story was written as part of the weekend i mentioned. 

So as you can see mindfulness can do wonders and that is what i felt that Sunday afternoon !

Author's Remarks: Well, Not preaching something which is impossible or not taking anything away from your regular rejuvenating weekend schedule, i agree that it is always 'to each his own'; but this is worth a try, just to experiment. 


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