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Short Story : Acclimatize

Nipun and his sister were the introverted new comers in the colony. They had come down from one of those north eastern states where even availability of new brands of ice creams ( which appeared each night as advertisements on the sole state television channel after the daily dose of abysmal news telecast ) was a luxury to say the least. Father had a transferable job, so every 3-5 years they were forced to leave their best friends back and move on to a new, strange place, with new rules, a new weather, a new school uniform and it's curriculum. Sports had always interested him as it channelized his nervous energies, all his internal conversations into some form of energy.  Sometimes spending energy on the ground helps you not have the energy to think about a haphazard life with no control over your surroundings. Sports made him switch off his social brain and just execute tasks to the best of his ability. He was not strategic about sports, it was not really the team wor

Short Story : Rush !

Spring meadow

There come the rays, the dawn. Confusion about to engulf all of us !

Ordered pandemonium all around ! The world, rather this side of it was jump starting ! We tried addressing some of the confusion as the day passed but it was far from over. Over the years, it had only risen, aggravated and now there was no turning back.

If you sow the seeds of evil, you shall reap the fruits of pain & destruction.

It is nature after all, not much of it can be stopped, controlled or modified in the short term.

Everything starts early in the morning, very early, just about when the sun rises from the farthest edges of the horizon.

Started with the first rays barely making it to the outer layers of our atmosphere.

Raju woke up and immediately brushed his teeth with Neem twigs (a tree whose bark, branches have natural medicinal, insecticidal properties).

Raju was about to take his bath as he bowed before his father who was going on his duty as the municipal bus driver; it was critical to take blessings early morning to evade the negativity that he would encounter during the day. An oriental way of paying respect !

Mother woke up even before the sun, in the cold breezy morning when the village got water supply for about an hour and that was it for the whole day.

The cow was to be milked, the breakfast, supper cooked for both Raju and his father who were to leave home for school and work in about an hour and a half. Not all thankless jobs are as tough as that of a homemaker.

The ordered confusion and rush started even before nature wanted it to begin. some went of the farm, some out of village to till farms, travel long or tally accounts, some went to study in school, some to sift in a post office, some ran after the city bus leaving for town for work. It was a rush all around. Everywhere !

Most women stayed back home working, cooking, cleaning, arranging, washing, rearing, preparing and raising. The was a rush here too, with kids, animals, domestic chores & catching up on some peace & independence without the men around.

By afternoon, the haste was nowhere close to ending. The young ones too by now were out and playing around, running after the animals, wild grasshoppers, chasing birds and also each other.

Meanwhile, the village idiot was sitting in a corner of the street watching all this. For him the world was peaceful, beautiful and serene. He woke up much after the sun had come right on top of his head.

He wondered what was going on ! Everyday !

It was amusing to him as to why people woke up everyday and ran around, rushed, ran after so many different things and got themselves exhausted by the same set of events by the end of the day.

Being an idiot he was looked down upon by each and everyone in the village. No one took him seriously. His opinions were not taken into consideration for solving problems as he did not live a normal life they said and that he was light in the head.

When he smiled at anyone, with a good intention, he was laughed at, sometimes jeered at, abused verbally. He did not take it to heart, because he knew they were pained, hurt and living a tough life everyday.

Forgiving someone, not giving them rent-free space in your head is probably the first sign of a truly peaceful, happy mind.

He was very confused as to what made people so unhappy, irritable and antagonistic. It was almost like his smile, or happiness or leisure in general attracted some sort of animosity towards him.

The day ended and people came back from their places of work, dead tired, drank to drown their sorrows in misery and eventually slept off. Ones who did not drink, were also not elated about the turn of events.

Everyone felt happy the day was over and felt an angst for the upcoming days' work & challenges.

Such is life some would say. It is a challenge. It is hard work and earning our livelihood and then maybe enjoy and reap their earnings or save them for future. Be secure and safe !

We often forget life is living in the present and not in the future always. Life is what you live, not what you dream of or push to a distant time in future.

Floods rampaged the village and claimed a lot of lives, livestock and the devastation was immense. Also killed the village idiot and some hardworking men of labour.

Death did not check the balance of work, happiness and savings. Certainly did not account for the dreams of men who lost their lives.

Nature rushes you to claim its fruits, consume the goods around. It teaches you to work hard and enjoy the results. Nature does not rush you to run at all times.

Our rush is to earn, learn and to scorn at people.
Everyone is rushing, to work, to grow and earn more and more. The harm is in the extreme.

Everyone must work hard. But everyone must do it while being happy and smiling.
Nature does not rush, nature is a periodic clock that maintains itself and the balance.

It is us who are obsessed with the efficient clocking of nature who are rushing.

Author's Notes: A work of fiction and personal opinion


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